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Portrait of Dorset: The South East 1960

Rena Gardiner (1929-1999)

A talented artist and illustrator with a distinctive style and approach which would become recognisable to many through her commissions for the National Trust during the 1960s and 70s when she illustrated guides to many of their  properties. She was prolific in her output of guides to cathedrals, historic properties and places. She produced watercolours, pastels and linocut prints of outstanding quality and occupies a unique place in post-war British illustration, creating a legacy which is now being fully recognised, appreciated and collected.

A hand-printed and bound book produced by Rena Gardiner in her own print studio in a numbered and signed edition of just 30 copies.

Rena drew the images directly onto zinc plates. The book was researched and written by her and typeset in Perpetua. Images were printed by lithographic press and text by letterpress on opposite pages.

A rare and highly collectable book copies of which in recent auction prices sold for £2600 and £3100 plus commission. This copy has condition issues much of which could be specialist restored. I’ve shown these in photographs. Most spreads are fine with no damage or marking. Please satisfy yourself as to condition before purchase by requesting further photos if  necessary.

Ref: P293
Number: 14/30
Size: 203 x 254mm pages

Price: £1750


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